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The benefits of CCTV includes prevention of unforeseen circumstances at home, burglary & theft, and it provides Solid Evidence/Support for Claims. Click here to read more.

Always know what’s happening at home or at the office. The installation is simple, with just WiFi and Power Socket nearby, our technicians can help you set this up also immediately. The CCTV monitoring enables ‘live’ viewing via any Internet browser or Smartphone.

The CCTV is commonly used for monitoring of kids, elderly and even housekeepers, when you are out for work or running your errands. Besides that, corridors and common areas are also places when people commonly install these CCTVs.

For Offices or Sites, CCTV is commonly installed in guardhouse, storerooms, any entrances and also common areas with high public traffic. The installation is simple therefore you need not worry about dust and dirt.

  • Simple Installation

  • Only WiFi and Power Point required

  • Affordable with Warranty